OHSET – Oregon High School Equestrian Team

Pick Yourself Up Dust Yourself Off …. And Win!

Canby continued its winning streak finishing 1st in the District 10 years in a row! The final district meet for 2014 was April 2-4. This meet we had a number of substitutions of both horses and athletes. Coach Katie Trapp said “We had to patch together riders and horses and had some pleasant surprises.”

This year the In Hand Obstacle Relay pattern was extremely tight. Several schools used mini horses to give them an advantage. Canby’s A team using full sized horses came in 3rd, with Annika Turner filling in for Jordan Hitchcock. Canby will be sending to State: Jordan Hitchcock, Sydney Morgan, Caitlyn Tietz and Darby O’Hearn. Following In Hand Obstacle Relay is Drill. Drill is always a Meet highlight. This Meet was no different. In recent years Canby has raised the bar high. The competition between schools has made drill a high energy event for athletes and spectators alike. Canby came out strong. Mid-performance one of the horses spooked and rider Ricky Vita bailed. The audience was on their feet and collectively gasping. After calming the horse Ricky dusted himself off and remounted. The team resumed their performance. The crowd was on their feet cheering as Canby resumed without missing a beat! Canby’s Drill Team is going to State and include Amber Cook (Sophomore), Jordan Hitchcock (Senior), Brittany Scott (Junior), Joanna Vincent (Senior), Ricky Vita (Junior) & Emmaly Widmer (Senior).

In the Performance Events qualifiers and district metals include:Sydney Morgan (Senior): Gold/Showmanship, Gold/Trail Equitation + District High PointJulia Forrel (Freshman): Silver/ Dressage + District NoviceCaitlyn Tietz (Senior): In Hand Trail/BronzeBrittney Scott (Junior): Saddle Seat Equitation/GoldJordan Hitchocck (Senior): Saddle Seat Equitation/BronzeIn the cow events Annika Turner, as a last minute replacement for a teammate, competed in Working Rancher and came in 4th. The Team Penning cows were pretty obstinate. Despite cranky cow challenges, Canby’s B Team including Katie Stanfield (Junior), Callie Walker (Sophomore) and Caitlyn Tietz qualified for state.Going into the final day (Sunday), it was neck and neck with the competition. But then the Gamer’s took charge. Thankfully the weather and footing held up too.In Individual Flags Canby cleaned up. Aunika Turner took Gold, Katie Stanfield Silver and Ricky Vita Bronze. All are going to State in this event plus Callie Walker, making Top 10%. Also Canby is sending 3 athletes to State in Figure 8, Ricky Vita, Callie Walker & Emmaly Widmer. In Canadian Flags Canby’s B Team consisting of Lanee Bare, Amber Cook, Ronee Eckert, Jordan Hitchock and Callie Walker qualified for Silver. In Two Man Birangle Canby is sending both A (Cook & Turner) and B Teams (Vita & Widmere)Other Gaming Event qualifiers and district metals include:Ricky Vita: Pole Bending/Bronze, Callie Walker: Pole Bending/Top 10%, Emmaly Widmer: Barrels/Top 10%In the end every athlete contributed and every point counted.

Canby won the District (in the Large Team category) with a 500+ point spread between second place Sherwood. Coach Katie said, “The dedication and support from athletes and parents is what makes the Canby OHSET team so incredibly unique. The time these athletes put into their horsemanship skills is key to this team, now district winners another year! This would not have been possible without each and every family a part of this team, as well as assistant coach Kim Turner, Samantha Steinke and Advisor Michelle Widmer along with the rest of the great advisory committee in charge of all the fine details. I cant wait for State in May!”

February 27 – March 1

Despite downpours, Canby Equestrians see sunshine with the second meet under their belts. The Cougars are off and running! Canby won Meet Two, held in McMinnville February 27-March 1. Canby’s team includes eighteen equestrians competing against athletes representing thirteen schools (making up the North Valley District).

Eleven of the eighteen Canby equestrian athletes have qualified for state going into the third and last district meet. Sydney Morgan is leading the district in total points for the performance events. Morgan (senior) placed first for In-Hand Trail, Trail Equitation and Showmanship. Caitlynn Tietz (senior) tied Morgan in In-Hand Trail. Jordan Hitchcock (senior), placed second in Saddle Seat, and fourth in Dressage, Western Horsemanship and Working Rancher. Julia Forell (freshman) is running third in the district as a Rookie (1st year in OHSET). Brittney Scott also did well in Saddle Seat, coming in third. Both Hitchcock and Scott will compete in Saddle Seat at State.

Using full-sized horses, the Canby In-Hand Obstacle Relay Teams went head-to-head with two teams of mini horses (mini’s have a big advantage due to the complexities of the course). Canby’s A team came in third, made up of Jordan Hitchcock, Caitlynn Tietz, Sydney Morgan and Darby O’Hearn. The B team placed fifth, comprised of Lanee Bare, Julia Forell, Brittney Scott and Ricky Vita. Then came Canby’s Drill Team, which rocked the arena with their high impact free style performance. Made up of a six riders, the team, led by captain Ricky Vita, includes Amber Cook, Jordan Hitchcock, Brittany Scott, Joanna Vincent and Emmaly Widmer. The team came in second by a slim margin.

Canby was running close with Silverton by the end of day two, but Canby’s Gamers took charge. Coming out of Meet Two, Ricky Vita (Junior) is first place district-wide in timed events, placing third in Pole Bending and Individual Flags. By Sunday the rain moved in, making the Oregon State Fair Grounds a mud pit. Despite the cold and wet conditions Canby had a strong show. Canby swept Individual Flags with Callie Walker (sophomore) first place , Katie Stanfield (junior) second, and Annika Turner (junior) fourth, (Vita took third). Walker, who had to borrow a horse due to a lameness issue, also placed first in Pole Bending and fifth in Figure Eight. Amber Cook (sophomore) placed first in Keyhole and Emmaly Widmer third in Steering Daubing. In the timed team events, Canadian Flag Race Team B took first consisting of Cook, Eckert, Hitchcock and Walker and the Two-man Birangle with Vita and Widmer took fourth.
Canby is looking forward to Meet Three, April 4– 6 also in Salem. Rain or shine come join the excitement.

January 30 – February 2

Canby Equestrians Edge Out the Competition
Rank cows, lame horses, and injured riders did not stop the Cougars from winning their first District Meet held in McMinnville. The team of 18 riders from Canby High School compete against 13 other school teams in the North Valley District.

The first of three meets let the Cougar pride, teamwork and dedication show. Team events are always a strong point for Canby and this meet was no exception. Canadian Flags Team B, made up of Jordan Hitchcock, Amber Cook, Ronee Eckert, and Callie Walker took 1st place to start the day. Canby’s Two-man Birangle team of Aunika Turner and Cook took 7th place, adding needed points to the team total. The Drill Team, ridden by Widmer, Vita, Scott, Hitchcock, Turner and Joanna Vincent, showed off their complex routine, earning 2nd place. Both In-Hand-Obstacle-Relay teams came in 3rd and 5th. Freshman Delaney McRobbie, with Hitchcock as a partner, were 3rd place in Working Pairs.

The gaming, or timed events, held on Sunday, helped Canby secure the win. Junior, Ricky Vita, led the meet with the highest timed event points. He took 1st in Individual Flags and Keyhole, 5th, 6th, and 7th in Barrels, Figure 8, and Poles. Emmaly Widmer, a senior, placed 3rd in Steer Daubing, Figure 8, and a fourth in Barrels. Turner was just behind Vita on Individual Flags at 2nd and took 4th in Pole Bending. Katie Stanfield, a junior, hit the top ten in four of her timed events, leading with a 4th place finish in Individual Flags. Performance points were racked up by a wide variety of riders. Freshman Julia Forell had an 8th in Showmanship and a 10th in Dressage. Sydney Morgan owned the trail course, wining both “in-hand” and equitation classes. With a 3rd in Showmanship, 4th in driving, and 6th in Western, Morgan led the entire meet in performance points. Teammate, Brittany Scott rode Saddle Seat, for her first time, and took 2nd place. First place in Saddle Seat went to senior, Hitchcock who also had an 8th in Dressage and 5th in Working Rancher. Caitlyn Tietz, Canby’s most seasoned hunter/jumper, had to scratch the Hunt Seat Over Fences when her horse became lame. Using her other horse, Tietz had an 8th and 9th in Showmanship and In-Hand Trail.

The the crowds came out for the cows! The Steer Daubing and Roping began Saturday afternoon and the fans stayed all night, despite the frigid temperatures. Team Penning was a busy event with 31 teams competing, each running three times, ending close to midnight. Canby proudly secured 4th and 5th placings with team A (Widmer, Turner, Hitchcock) and team B (Stanfield, Tietz, Walker) respectively.
Canby’s OHSET team will compete in Salem at the Oregon State Fairgrounds Feb. 28th -March 2. Community supporters and spectators are always welcome.

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