Advisory Program

The CHS Advisory Program is an extension of the Comprehensive Guidance and Education Program. The program provides important information to support the success of all students. Advisors also serve as additional support personnel for students. The goals of the program are as follows:


  1. Increasing students’ self-monitoring of their school progress
  2. Increasing students’ knowledge of specific graduation requirements
  3. Improving students’ knowledge of and access to post high school info
  4. Improving student goal setting and personal planning
  5. Increasing student utilization of school resources

CONTENT Through approximately 12 yearly advisory sessions, over four years, students review:

  1. Transcripts, State Assessment Reports, CHS Grade Reports, Attendance Reports
  2. Graduation and Portfolio Requirements (Credits, Career Related, Other)
  3. Reasons to Stay in School, College Degrees, College Testing, Scholarships, etc.
  4. Forecasting, Career Information & Resources, Updating Career Plans & MAPPs
  5. How to get help (Math, Science & English Labs, etc.) & How to make up credits