What is a CTE completer?

Every CTE Program of Study has a series of required and optional classes. In order for a student to be considered a completer, he/she must pass up to three credits of classes in the specific program of study. Students should see the CTE teacher for more information about becoming a completer.


Career and Technical Education, or CTE, at Canby High School gives students an opportunity to take classes and explore areas that interest them. Classes challenge student’s creative and critical thinking and prepare them to obtain the technical skills needed for success in the highly skilled careers of the 21st century.

The Career and Technical Education programs at the Canby High School help and motivate students through work experience and hands-on learning. The Career Related Learning Standards of Teamwork, Communication, Career Development, Personal Management, Problem Solving and Employment Foundations are all key components in CTE classes.

CTE helps make students “College and Career Ready” by giving them the chance to discover their interest and passion and empowering them to choose an educational pathway that can lead to a successful future.

CTE graduation cord info

Agriculture - 6 classes

  • Ag Leadership

  • Ag Projects

  • Animal Science

  • Botany I

  • Botany II

  • Equipment Operations and Maintenance

  • Floriculture I

  • Floriculture II: Commercial Design

  • Floriculture III: Arrangers Garden

  • Greenhouse Manager

  • Intro. to Ag

  • Intro. to Production Ag

  • Natural Resources

  • Landscape Installation

  • Landscape Maintenance

  • Veterinary Science

Business - 6 classes

  • Business I

  • Marketing I (Intro to Marketing)

  • Marketing II (Applied Marketing)

  • Applied Business Procedures (Student Store

  • Accounting I

  • Accounting II

  • Accounting III

  • Accounting IV

  • Dollars & Sense

  • Entrepreneurship

Construction Technology - 5 classes

  • Architecture I

  • Architecture II

  • Building Construction I

  • Building Construction II

  • Building Construction III

  • Building Construction IV

Early Childhood Education - 6 classes

  • Children's Art & Lit

  • Ed & Human Development 0-3

  • Ed & Human Development 4-18

  • Teaching for Tomorrow I

  • Teaching for Tomorrow II

  • Early Childhood Cadet I

  • Early Childhood Cadet II

Graphic Design - 5 classes

  • Graphic Design I

  • Graphic Design II

  • Graphic Design III

  • Graphic Design IV

  • AND ONE of the following

  • Film Production I

  • Film Production II

  • Applied Business Procedures (Student Store)

Manufacturing and Engineering - 6 classes

  • CAD I

  • CAD II


  • Manufacturing I: Design

  • Manufacturing II: Mass Production

  • Manufacturing III: Research & Development

  • Principles of Engineering

  • Engineering Systems