What does this mean for our teachers?

CHS has multiple teachers trained in all content areas in AVID strategies, including the entire math department. Teachers purposefully use high engagement strategies to promote higher level critical thinking and metacognitive skills. Teachers participate in in-service workshops throughout the year learning and refining their instructional approaches using AVID strategies.

What is AVID?

AVID is Advancement Via Individual Determination.

AVID, a rigorous program designed to prepare students for college and careers, began at CHS in 2017-18. AVID is an acceleration program, not an intervention program, with three main components including academic instruction, tutorial sessions, and motivational activities. Students in the AVID elective meet daily with the same teacher and participate in tutorial sessions twice a week for four years. Students learn how to access difficult curriculum and persevere through “points of confusion,” so they gain the skills to succeed in challenging courses. Students are expected to enroll in challenging Advanced Placement and dual credit classes.

An AVID student should:

  1. have a 2.0-3.5 GPA
  2. have average to above average test scores
  3. exhibit college potential with support

The AVID student profile also includes first generation college students, with a desire to improve, and an end goal of college acceptance. The only strict requirement is the student’s desire to be part of the challenging AVID elective class.

AVID Teachers at CHS

PARENTS Parents encourage their students to achieve academically, participate on an advisory board and in AVID parent and site team meetings, and maintain regular contact with the AVID coordinator. Many parents and students participate in AVID Family Workshops and activities outside of school.

STUDENTS AVID students are enrolled in the school’s toughest classes, such as Advanced Placement, and attend an academic elective class—called AVID—taught within the school day by a trained AVID teacher. Their self-images improve, and they become academically successful leaders and role models for other students. They are proud to be in the program.

TUTORS/TUTORIALS Tutors are essential to the success of the AVID elective class, where they facilitate student access to rigorous curriculum. Students in AVID electives spend 40% of their time in tutorials with cross-age tutors who have received 6 hours of formal training in the tutorial format. Our cross-age tutors include peers (juniors/ seniors), community members, student teachers, and faculty. The goal of the tutorial is to get the students to clarify any confusion by asking them questions to work through their difficulties rather than providing them answers. Many AVID graduates return to the high school setting to work as AVID tutors.

COMMUNITY Colleges demonstrate their support of AVID programs in many ways. They may provide class speakers, offer college credit courses to AVID high school students, include AVID students in residential, academically oriented summer bridge programs, and follow and support the progress of AVID students during their college careers. The community supports AVID by providing speakers and summer apprenticeships for AVID students.

FACULTY One key to a successful AVID program is a site coordinator/teacher who is a respected site instructional leader who works well with secondary school personnel and college students and faculty. This person organizes curriculum as well as activities, and is committed to serving the needs of target students. The coordinator also works with colleagues to implement AVID methodologies school-wide, to place students in college preparatory curriculum, and to work with counselors to guide students through the college application process.

More parent resources on how to help your student at home can be found at http://www.avid.org/parents.ashx. This information is good for all parents.

Please note: Students cannot forecast for this course. There is an application process that takes place in February and March, students submit an application, get teacher recommendations and are interviewed by the Canby High School AVID team.