Dual credit courses are advanced high school courses offered at a high school that allow a high school student to earn both college and high school credit simultaneously. Dual credit coursework enables students to make progress towards a college degree before they finish high school and save on overall costs of a college education. Upon completion of a dual credit course, a student's grade and credit(s) are recorded on both the high school and college transcripts.

​Canby High School, in conjunction with Clackamas Community College, Portland Community College, Blue Mountain Community College, Central Oregon Community College and Oregon Tech (Wilsonville), offers students the opportunity to earn college credit on the CHS campus. The curriculum matches with courses offered at the college and CHS instructors meet the requirements to teach college courses. Their are dual-credit courses available in academic as well as elective programs for grades 9-12.

It is important to note that as a student taking dual credit courses, students may have additional responsibility for their academic success and meeting dual credit deadlines. In order to earn college credit, students register online with the college and pay from $0-$25 per college credit.