Important Dates
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March 2

  • FORECASTING DUE ON STUDENT VUE for upcoming 10th, 11th, and 12th graders

March 28- April 1

  • Forecasting information provided to upcoming 9th graders in Advisory

March 30

  • Family Forecasting Q&A with CHS Counselors on Zoom (6-8 PM)

April 13

  • FORECASTING DUE ON STUDENT VUE for upcoming 9th graders
Future freshmen in the DLI program!!

Hey class of 2026! If you are in the DLI program and want to know what it will look like in high school, check out these videos!


English Video Link

Spanish Video Link

Why Forecasting is Important!

1. You are making sure you have what you want and need to graduate high school.

2. Forecasting is how we decide which classes we have next year. Your choices matter!

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