Finals Schedules

Fall Term 2017-2018

This year the attendance office will not be sending notes to excuse students during finals. Students are expected to remain in class the duration of the finals schedule. Students are expected to attend the final prep classes and attendance will be taken.

Wednesday 11/29/17

One Hour Late Start/Finals

Start TimeEnd TimeClass
8:40AM8:56AMPeriod 1 - Final Prep
9:01AM9:17AMPeriod 3 - Final Prep
9:27AM11:32AMPeriod 2 - FINAL
12:12PM2:17PMPeriod 4 - FINAL
2:22PM2:40PMPeriod 5 - Final Prep

Thursday 11/30/17

Finals Schedule

Start TimeEnd TimeClass
7:40AM9:45AMPeriod 1 - FINAL
9:55AM12:00PMPeriod 3 - FINAL
12:35PM2:40PMPeriod 5 - FINAL
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